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What can others do to help teenagers in Georgia?

Georgia was the only state in the U.S., that did not have a law mandating seat belts for pickup trucks.

 THIS YEAR(2010)the law finally passed  requiring seat belts for pickup trucks! It went into effect on June 3rd, 2010.(My son died June 3rd, 2006) I feel it was an acto of God that they were on the same date of year.

Reasons we needed this law were:

     Forty-one percent of all drivers involved in fatal crashes were Rural or Small-town residents traveling on rural roads.

     Many male teen drivers, especially those that live in rural areas, drive pickup trucks. They may have grown up watching their mother wearing a seatbelt in the car since that is required by law but many males (fathers) in rural areas drive pickup trucks and therefore, are not required to buckle up. Who do you think the son is going to mimic?

   We are no longer the only state in the nation that did not require it.

NOW we have to remind teenagers to buckle up always, and remind parents and adults that IT IS A LAW.



Cell phones and seat belt use

 Seat belt use

  • Push to increase the fines or penalties for non-seat belt use for young drivers and insist they be ENFORCED!  Also make the fine or penalties be non-negotiable. $15 or even $25 is not enough!!
  • According to NHTSA, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests higher fines are associated with higher use rates.
  • Georgia is tied for the lowest rate across the United States

      Limit or restrict cell phones and texting (Accomplished as well). As of July 1, 2010 Teenagers are not allowed to use cell phones or text while driving. (Adults may not either text and drive.)
  • As part of the graduated licensing system, this is one effective way to help reduce the number of teen traffic crashes and fatalities.
  • Teens need to pay attention to driving for their first few years without any added distractions such as cell phones!
  • Enforce them now that they are now a law.

*Parents allow the law enforcement agencies to give citations. (Don't go and try to get it taken care of or pay the fine yourself)

*Law enforcement please increase observation for non-compliance, and ticket accordingly.